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Hazel Blears may face criminal investigation

Local residents in Salford have referred Hazel Blears recent Parliamentary expenses claims to the Metropolitan Police.
Following new information on MP’s expenses claims, community activists from the Hazel Must Go campaign have requested Hazel Blears MP be subject to a criminal investigation. The Metropolitan Police are expected to look into the allegations.

The Metropolitan Police Cheif Sir Paul Stephenson vowed to target more politicians involved in the scandal. Sir Paul reassured concerned members of the public that any information received would be passed directly to prosecutors “as soon as possible”. Blears is not the only member of parliament to be investigated, however John Bercow MP (speaker of House of Commons) told the BBC in November that Hazel Blears is certainly “one of those who still has many questions to answer”.

Viewers of a recent BBC Panorama programme will be aware of how Hazel Blears has refused to answer questions about her Parliamentary expense claims. Following the House of Commons revelation of the ACA expense claims of all MPs for the expenses year 2008-09 ‘Hazel Must Go!’ believes that those who have the authority to demand answers should now call in Mrs. Blears for questioning.

Hazel Must Go Spokesperson Steve North commented: We’re at a loss to understand why Hazel hasn’t already been deselected as a Labour candidate. Our campaign has concentrated on identifying why we believe Hazel is unfit to be Salford’s MP … but we’re now very concerned about the possible implications of Hazel’s expense claims.

On the detail of their letter to the Metropolitan Police Steve’s colleague David Henry remarked:We’re worried that Hazel’s expense claims are not entirely correct and have offered observations and comments to the police which we anticipate will trigger a formal investigation. Just as child or housing benefit claimants do not receive taxpayer’s money without appropriate checks we do not believe MPs should be receiving taxpayer’s money without validation. All MPs sign their expense claim forms to the effect they have incurred their claimed expenses.”

Sir Thomas Legg in “ACA Review The Reviews Approach to the ACA Rules” wrote: “Tthe practice of the Fees Office before 2008-09 of not requiring receipts for a variety of expenditures less than £250 a month (£400 in the case of food) has been accepted for the purposes of the Review. However, where subsequent claims or other evidence suggest that such earlier payments may have been materially incorrect, the Review will request evidence to substantiate the earlier payments.”

Hazel Blears is merely one of a number of MPs who must now be required to substantiate their unreceipted expense claims.

Hazel Blears faces protest and citizen's arrest

In June 2009 members of the Hazel Must Go Campaign attempted to perform a Citizen Arrest on her under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 outside a during a vibrant and vocal protest outside a Labour Party de-selection meeting. Greater Manchester Police claimed they did not have enough evidence at the time to peruse the matter and the alleged fraudulent activity had taken place outside their jurisdiction in Westminster.

We have requested that Hazel Blears now be subject to a formal criminal investigation.

For more information contact Steven North (Secretary)
Email: / Phone: 07817 434 240


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